Things to Keep in Mind When Finding the Right Running Shoe

What Kind Of Shoes Do You Run In? I run in new balance shoes for running and love the Asics Gel Trabucos; I've tried others but keep coming back to these. I also wear Injinji Socks, use Sole orthotic insoles and Dirty Girl Gaiters. During Arkansas Traveller I ran in the same pair of shoes the entire race, never changed my socks and my feet felt great (it's all relative).

The Best New Balance Shoes for Running

Trail running shoes for men and women are the most important part of trail running. Without the best trail running shoes on your feet you may sacomb to pain in your feet, legs, and upper body. Not just any type of running shoe will work, because each type of shoe is designed for specific types of running. When you plan to buy a pair of shoes, make sure you request the type of shoes for your activity.